Little girls + boho garb + coachella= dreamy!! If I can't be at Coachella this year, the least I can do is a dreamy boho photoshoot with Likely Crush and Wil + Frida. All the Coachella vibes below.




Southern California is my spirit animal. Although I live in the cold northeast, I definitely should have been born in SoCal and DEFINITELY should live there now! But since my husband and I both love it there we take a trip to the west coast at least once a year and have vowed to retire there. Being currently buried in over a foot of snow, it only makes sense to post these photos of our last trip now!

Turks and Caicos

Im soooo bad about taking out my "good camera" on vacation! But we also spent the majority of the time at the beach making sure two toddlers didn't drown soooooooo.... for the 5 minutes (on the very last day) that I decided to whip it out, I took the few below! On another note, Turks and Caicos is insanely beautiful and Beaches is the most amazing family hotel, like ever. Camp Sesame, which the girls LOVED going to, actually gave the hubs and I some time to RELAX!