Cinco de Mayo Recap

In Casa de Kursar, we take Cinco de Mayo seriously! Not only do we LOVE Mexican food and pretty much all things Mexico, it is also daddy Kursar's birthday! And I will pretty much take any opportunity for a themed photo shoot! I snuck the shoot in with the girls before Henley headed off to school and set up the bar area the night before, after that everything went insane (as always) and I wasn't able to grab my camera for any daddy cake shots or our taco bar! The bebidas sign is a DIY that I saw on pinterest and is perfect as that was one of the only words we learned and used while in Brazil and has become an ongoing inside joke! On a side note, I'm devastated that I discovered @lulafloradesigns about a week too late! She makes amazing fiesta themed decor including mini piniatas, the cutest drink stirrers and so much more!! Oh well, I guess I'll be throwing another fiesta soon!